About Me

“If you can believe in Santa Claus for the first 8 years of your life, you can definitely believe in yourself.”

Abhinabha Barat

TrakLife is a solution that is directed towards the people who suffer from or at risk from heart disease. My potential solution and my research is laid out on this website for viewers to take a look at my point of view on the issue and also ponder about how heart disease has ravaged society for the past 20+ years. My hope is to improve upon my proposal and provide inspiration to meanderers who find themselves at this website.

I am a rising high school senior at Shrewsbury High School in Shrewsbury, MA. I’m involved in a variety of activities, most notably Track & Field and Robotics Club. I plan to pursue Biomedical Engineering in the near future.

I hope you stay awhile and leave with a different mindset on the topic of heart disease and it’s negative role in society.